Wisdom comes from the journey. Jane M. Mason

Be a listener. Be curious. Jane M. Mason

Creativity takes courage and optimism. Jane M. Mason


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What's This About?

Watching Paint Dry LLC is an education-&-inspiration based business using art to change the world. By centering thoughts on art, we can understand other cultures and belief systems, we can learn history and religion, we can share patterns and ways of living, working, and celebrating.

Through art videos, mini-demos, lectures, online teaching, subscription-based services, documentary interviews, “White Papers”, ebooks, and blogs, we invite you to:

  • Be in the moment
  • Celebrate creativity and ingenuity
  • Contemplate why we are here & to live together
  • Be awed by the complexity of nature
  • Have some fun
  • Consciously uncouple momentarily from the pressures in life
  • Learn from a master, how to create art

Jane M. Mason

Jane M. Mason
Jane M. Mason

Jane M. Mason
Jane M. Mason

Jane M. Mason
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Contact us: Hello@watchingpaintdry.com

Skills & Expertise

With the diverse and extensive experience of our team, we are ready to tackle new travels, noodle out new painting questions, bring you never before seen behind the scene discussions, and jump into new technical challenges…to bring you an ever-expanding outlook of the world through the lens of art.

“Introduction to our cultural differences allows us to see our similarities as well. Understanding differences, being able to identify them and talk about them, is healthy. More talking; less ranting and pointing.” Jane M. Mason

We have travelled to many cool places and have had the opportunity to work with great artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, authors, and museum professionals. We’re sharing this collective creative energy to solve the world’s problems one brushstroke at a time. Join us!

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Wonderful memories of her beautiful paintings

Thinking of Jane M. Mason’s talents and her paintings, bring back wonderful memories of her beautiful paintings hanging on the walls of Not Your Average Joe!
- Business Owner,    Peoria, Illinois

Jane is an experienced professional with a eye for detail.

Jane is an experienced professional with a eye for detail and a passion for her clients’ projects.  She's a pleasure to work with. I know you’ll be pleased with the results of working with her.
- John Ondo, President and Creative Director
Ondo Media,    Columbus, OH

Download Any of Jane M. Mason’s White Papers for free now. Read her expert opinions on important topics, learn about John Singer Sargent and the American and European Impressionist painters, artists, critics, and art historians. Also Supply Lists for painters—from studio painting to en plein air in watercolor are UPDATED and available now!