About Watching Paint Dry

"WPD is based on embracing creativity to solve problems. You have to ask the right questions. Be present. Listen to the answers - Watch the paint dry."

Watching Paint Dry, LLC. (WPD) is an award-winning consulting company working with creative individuals, small B2B and B2C companies who are looking to pick up their game. As we say, “Stay in Your Lane” and concentrate on what you’re good at. Hire us to do what you need help with.

Jane Mason is an amazing woman with wonderful talents in many areas. From her rich experience in watercolor painting to her complete understanding of content development, Jane has spent years honing her skills. In addition to her own skills, Jane has helped many students reach their potential. Jane teaches art classes and mentors many students in art, writing and even business development. She is able to bring it all together to make the experience profitable for all of her students. Also a prolific writer, you will find dozens of helpful articles covering a wide variety of topics throughout the site. Jane has always said that "Wisdom comes from the journey" and you'll see her wisdom as you take the journey with her through all of the various topics of her writings.

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Helpful Content

How To Develop Content

This simple chart will help you plan your strategic goals and show you how to succeed in ANY industry. With an easy-to-follow flow, you can use the design to keep you on track while you develop your content. Feel free to download the diagram and share it with your friends.

Social Media & Stress Events

Technology increases the awareness of stress events in other people's lives. That can actually have an impact on your life and that of your family. You might be suprised how much information is available on the lives of others! Take a look at this free download and you might be suprised how much of an effect there actually is.

5 “Must Do's” Before a Crisis Burns You

Flames shot into the moonless sky. I arrived at the four-alarm blaze with the street blocked and pumper trucks already shooting from several directions. The site was a raging fire at a busy printing company. The century-old business was housed in a historic building and to keep up with production, it had been running three shifts a day. It was an arsonist’s dream—petroleum products, paper, ink, solvents, books, vinyl, skids of printed products sitting by the dock, and ...

Stay In Your Lane

As a serial entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up trying to do too much yourself. Yet, we all know that’s folly. Stick with what you’re good at. Focus. Find someone else who is good at other stuff to complement your skills.

What our friends are saying...

In 2000, I took a two-hour watercolor workshop from Jane M. Mason.  It was the first time I had painted watercolor.  Her warm personality and easy teaching style made a sometimes intimidating medium feel conquerable.  I was lucky to be able to take a few private lessons with Jane and she shared several techniques and approaches that I still use today.  Her beautiful, vibrant watercolors were an inspiration and definitely helped me on my path to become a watercolor artist.

Amalia Fister Lottes
Watercolor Artist
St. Louis, Missouri

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I had the pleasure of being Jane's watercolor student in St Louis. Jane is a wonderful artist and teacher who also has a vast knowledge of art and art history which she conveys to her students in an accessible manner. Jane is able to teach to each student's talent and style, to bring out the most in each. I did some of my best art work under her guidance and have continued to grow in my watercolor techniques because of her. 

Lori Perrino
Watercolor Student
St. Louis, MO.