About Jane M. Mason

Jane M. Mason

Jane M. Mason

"My first love is truely art. I have spent years helping artists improve their skills, to see their vision, and then to create it."

Jane is a well-known, award-winning watercolor artist, art historian, storyteller, and content expert. Art is her life and she has been passionate about it since she won her first art contest at a museum when she was only five years old. In living her passion, Jane has taught art for over 15 years and has established deep-rooted relationships with artists, art schools and museums across the United States and Italy. She has taught art and demonstrated everywhere from Harvard University to Cleveland Botanical Garden to locations in Minnesota and Washington and Missouri.

Her ability to weave art history and other fascinating tidbits about artists, techniques, materials and processes fluidly into her teaching creates a unique and rewarding environment for her students.

In addition to her work as an artist and art teacher, Ms. Mason has been working for three decades as a marketing professional and writer for both profit and non-profit enterprises. She has in-depth experience with media relations and in 2012 created PR placements generating 120,000 words in print in one year. (Equivalent to a 480-page book.) Worked with Huffington Post, Midwest Living, Ohio Magazine, Washington Post, BBC, CBS “Sunday Morning,” CNN, MSNBC, NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” and one of her clients had a mention in a Saturday Night Live skit.

Additionally, Ms. Mason exemplified being an early adopter of technology while at Harvard University. Serving as a teaching assistant she was designated to manage the interface between the students, the chat function, social media, the professor, and the tech team managing the webinars for a distance learning class. This experience, as well as her years of teaching, allows her to be undaunted at the idea of LIVE painting classes.

Lastly, Ms. Mason has written, produced, directed, and starred in numerous videos, films, and commercials. Her voice has also been used and sought after for video and film products.

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What our friends are saying...

Her paintings inspire creativity in me and greatly contribute to the atmosphere of excellence I strike to bring to my clients

Professional Musician and Music Coach
Avon, Illinois

Because of her joyous, colorful personality and sincere warmth, I have enjoyed a long-term working relationship with her 

Independent Business Owner
Peoria, Illinois

In 2000, I took a two-hour watercolor workshop from Jane Mason. It was the first time I had painted watercolor. Her warm personality and easy teaching style made a sometimes-intimidating medium feel conquerable. I was lucky to be able to take a few private lessons with Jane and she shared several techniques and approaches that I still use today. Her beautiful, vibrant watercolors were an inspiration and definitely helped me on my path to become a watercolor artist. 

Professional Watercolor Artist
St. Louis, Missouri