Videos By Watching Paint Dry

Why Videos?

Through 20 years of teaching art, Jane M. Mason learned that her students take away more from her lessons than art technique. In fact, years after completing a class they continue to contact her to express appreciation for “changing their lives”.

By combining art, artists, history, a sense of place and context, and a goal of being present in the moment into her teaching, Jane’s students find a deep reverence for the awesome complexity of the world. They find an appreciation for the differences in cultures as depicted through art. They watch as the unexpected act of nature—a sudden rainstorm or a flock of gnats—threaten to derail a painting Jane is working on.

Yet, through her responses to the unexpected, they learn that marshaling creativity and experience helps you develop nimbleness. You learn to think on your feet with grace.

Having been an artist since she won her first art contest at age 5, Jane realizes that thinking as an artist helps with problem solving.

In short: more art in the world could change the world for the better.

Jane was encouraged by former students, business consultants, peers, art clients, and others to bring her teaching to a larger audience. Producing videos made sense.

For Jane, on behalf of her audience, it was important to commit to a first-class production team to create videos that not only told the story, but nurtured a serene intimate conversation between Jane and her students. The team from GTM Pictures is experienced and gifted, and “all in” on the project to exceed Jane’s expectations for a high quality production.

The videos use up to seven cameras and best-in-the-business audio and editing techniques to bring you a superior, high definition product that is equivalent to the best produced materials you may view on TV or the internet.


The online videos feature Jane M. Mason teaching watercolor painting. The “take aways” by the students are much more. Her gentle, lighthearted manner invites her audience to understand that by appreciating the creative problem solving journey, we can solve complex, sticky problems in our own lives and most likely happier in this world.

“Some have compared me to Bob Ross and his ‘Joy of Painting’ series on public television. Watching his episodes is calming and gentle. I think a peaceful energy is one of the benefits my viewers gain, too. “I add a bit more of my point of view as a historian and expert on artists. I pull in stories from art history and why artists did what they did in the world they lived in. When I lived in Italy, I felt I knew Michelangelo personally. I want my viewers to feel that connection to the stories of art.” Jane M. Mason

The program videos are shot live with minimal editing to replicate the experience of actually being in the presence of the artist and experiencing the challenges of the project along with her. Jane’s episodes are often shot outside, so elements of Mother Nature and the “real world” contribute to the creation of the painting.


The videos will be available in several different categories and length:
  • 4-9 minutes    Mini Demos
  • 30-60 minutes*    Artfull Talks & Interviews
  • 30-60 minutes*    Art Destination Tour
  • 45-120 minutes*    Complete Painting
  • 30-90 minutes*    Exploring In-Depth with Experts
  • 30-90 minutes*    Lecture Videos
  • 60-120 minutes*    Master painting Videos
* Longer videos are divided into segments for viewing convenience


The production team will travel to hidden pristine natural settings by gardens, lakes, rivers, deserts, oceans, farms and pastures, to more well known popular meccas for artists, such as Venice Beach or vineyards in California, national parks, or the beaches around Monterey.

Locations have included teeny communities by pristine lakes, organic gardens, rooftops in an urban vista, Farmers Market, distinguished art gallery, forested hillside in the Ozarkian woods in Missouri, community sponsored garden featuring “horticulture therapy” for its clients, sculpture park, and more!


About: Minnesota
By Danielle Raub, Senior Travel Writer, Research & Development WPD LLC

Minneapolis, the largest of the Twin Cities, sits on both shores of the mighty Mississippi River. A one-of-a-kind city, Minneapolis marries natural beauty and urban poise, nature and skyscrapers. Minneapolis was incorporated in 1867 and was built around Saint Anthony Falls, the highest waterfall on the Mississippi river. Economically vibrant, Minneapolis prosperity is due to its richness in water including waterfalls creeks, lakes, and wetlands. Minneapolis owes its name to the city’s first school teacher Charlie Hoag – he connected mni, a Dakota Sioux word for water, and polis, the Greek word for city; A fitting name as one of its main attractions is its Chain of Lakes.

The Chain of Lakes offers opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, and boating. Walk or bike along the scenic shoreline path, only 10 minutes from downtown. In the winter, participate in a spontaneous game of pond hockey or see ice surfers glide across the lake’s frozen surface.

If you love great food with a great view, Minneapolis ubiquitous lakes offer many options for waterfront dining. Tin Fish has a beautiful view of Lake Calhoun and fantastic fish tacos. Vic’s Dining combines city life and nature with a lakeside patio in downtown.

While certainly astounding in its natural beauty, Minneapolis conversely offers many metropolitan attractions. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a free, non-profit museum with pieces spanning 5,000 years of world history. It boasts a particularly spectacular and comprehensive collection of Asian art. The Mill City Museum is an especially unique site as it’s built into the vestiges of the world’s largest flourmill. Featuring exhibits about the history of Minneapolis, visitors can expect to learn about the details of Minneapolis’s origins and growth.

Painting Location:
Jane was able to paint at several locations in and around the Twin Cities. Then she traveled “up North” to the marshy, wetlands of Central and Northern, Minnesota.

Jane’s first location was an urban setting on the rooftop deck of building virtually across the street from the Twins Baseball Stadium, Target Field. Thanks to the generosity of Drive Thru Productions in downtown Minneapolis, the team looked out to the vista of the skyscrapers in Minneapolis.

Although they struggled through wasps, wind, and very chilly days, Jane created a painting with architectural features and the reflections of a beautiful cloud filled afternoon sky.

Jane’s second location was situated near one of the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota. Jane demonstrated some of the challenges of painting water in watercolor, and pulled into her discussion some of the watercolor artists who have famously painted water—like John Singer Sargent.

Art Destination Tour
The Art Destination Tour for the Minnesota tour visited with Anthony Caponi, a brilliant 94-year old sculptor, poet, retired professor, and immigrant from Italy. Caponi has dedicated 60-years of his artistic effort to creating a 60-acre sculpture park for the public in Eagan, MN. The Art Park is the culmination of Caponi’s philosophy, which celebrates art and creative expression as an essential component for the well being of people and their communities. Mr. Caponi shared his lifelong interest in rocks and boulders. He speaks of the “torrents” of water form the mountains in Italy while he and his brother balanced on the wet boulders nurturing his love of nature.


About: St. Louis
By Danielle Raub, Senior Travel Writer, Research & Development

St. Louis, resting on the western bank of the Mississippi River, is the most populous city in Missouri.

Originally established by Native American moundbuilders in the 800s AD, St. Louis became a French settlement in 1764 following the French and Indian War. Acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase, St. Louis developed into a prominent port on the river. Since its founding, the St. Louis economy has relied on heavy industry, manufacturing, goods transportation, and trade. At one time it was a fashion capital with significant manufacturing of hats, shoes, and garments. Also in the tradition of Mad Men, St. Louis once boasted some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in the country.

Today, it adds tourism to its list.

Gracing the St. Louis skylight is the Gateway Arch. Travel to the top of this 600-foot, iconic monument for the best view in the city. If your opiate is baseball, catch a St. Louis Cardinals game at the new Busch Stadium. From the St. Louis Symphony, to the St. Louis Choral Society (founded 1880) to jazz, blues and ragtime, music too, has always been a beat in the heart of St. Louis. Scott Joplin, composer of ragtime music spent a number of years in the city developing creating some of his most famous tunes. A museum to the composer is open to the public as the Scott Joplin House State Historic Site. Another unusual attraction is the City Museum in downtown St. Louis. Created by Bob Cassilly in a 600,000 square foot space that formerly served as one of St Louis shoe companies, the museum is created through recycled material. And we’re not just talking about old soda cans or newspapers. The museum includes features such as salvaged bridges, two abandoned airplanes, old chimneys, construction cranes and much more. A truly unique venue to let your imagination soar for young and young at heart alike.

For the thrill-seeker, take a ride on the Screaming Eagle or Batman the Ride at Six Flags Check out the Saint Louis Zoo, one of the nation’s leading zoological parks. One of the city’s free attractions, the Saint Louis Zoo has a wide range of exhibits including Big Cat Country and the Interactive Stingray Pool. Visit the Citygarden, an urban park featuring pieces of contemporary art. It contains internationally renowned sculptures which guests are able to touch and walk through.

While in St. Louis, don’t miss out on some of the city’s most prolific food staples like toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, or a waffle cone invented in St Louis during the 1904 Worlds Fair.

Painting Locations: Gateway Greening Urban Seed, St. Louis, MO
Gateway Greening is an urban garden with the mission to help its clients learn about good physical and mental health, develop life skills, including cooking with fresh vegetables, partake in “horticultural therapy,” and to learn to enjoy digging in the dirt creating a bountiful blessing of vegetables, flowers, greens, and herbs, to be eaten and shared.

It was an honor to be invited to the farm to paint, and Jane and the crew wasted no time getting set up and jumping into painting. On top of a steep hill it was very windy. Jane needed to tape everything down—paper, board, brushes, paint, and still it seemed things blew across her field of vision! But not to be deterred, she created a bright, cheerful depiction of the eggplants ripe and hanging on a fence waiting for harvest, accented at the front of the painting with a massive mound of bright orange marigolds. A very colorful painting at a lush, community supported agriculture farm led by a dedicated and talented staff.

Jane and the crew learned so much and would love to visit again in the future. The painted Jane created will be donated to Gateway Greening for their annual auction.

Painting Locations: Kirkwood Farmers Market, Kirkwood, MO
We were able to paint at the charming neighborhood market in Kirkwood. In the midst of bright orange piles of pumpkins, fall mums, caramel apples, pumpkin pies and a happy crowd of market shoppers we set up on a brisk Saturday morning. Jane created a fun whimsical painting of the pumpkins. The air was so cold there was a time that her brush fell out of her “frozen” fingers right onto the painting.

Painting Locations: Forested Hillside outside Imperial, MO.
Missouri is a beautiful state with forested rolling hills. The colors of fall were almost at peak brilliance on the week the crew was in town. One day was spent in the forests in the countryside outside St. Louis. The warmth of the fall colors and the warmth of the afternoon sun made for a productive day of painting. Jane painted a vertical piece celebrating the lean trees covered with orange and tangerine colored leaves reaching into the blue fall sky.

Lecture at the OA Gallery, Kirkwood, MO
On October 17th, Jane M. Mason presented a lecture on the watercolor techniques of John Singer Sargent to a standing room only crowd at the OA Gallery on Argonne Street, Kirkwood. The lecture will be available as a video from Watching Paint Dry LLC.


About: Los Angeles
By Danielle Raub, Senior Travel Writer, Research & Development

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis located in Southern California. The most populous city in the U.S., Los Angeles has been steadily attracting residents since the California Gold Rush in 1848. Presently, LA’s allure lies in its famed television and film industry.

Known for its quintessential Hollywood sign, LA’s central neighborhood, Hollywood, is home to the nation’s notable film studios including Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers Studios. Trace the steps of history’s most iconic stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Universal Studios and check out the adjacent theme park.

While it’s known primarily for its star-studded streets, LA is also home to many world-class museums. The Los Angeles County Art Museum houses more than 120,000 works of art, originating from ancient times to present day. Some of its top pieces include George de la Tour’s The Magdelen with the Smoking Flame (1638-1640), Diego Rivera’s Portrait of Frida Kahlo (1939), and David Hockney’s Mulholland Drive (1980).

A dramatic watercolors painting by Winslow Homer is also in the collection. “After the Hunt”, (1892) depicts a moment as the hunter is reuniting with his faithful hunting dog. The “wet on wet” technique used by Homer n the background of the painting allows the illustrative qualities of the people in the boat to come forward and focus the viewer’s attention on the hunter and his dog. This was one of 26 paintings by Homer that he painted while vacationing in the Adirondacks. (LACMA)

If you’re looking for some great eats, look no further than the very streets of LA. Los Angeles has an amazing food truck scene.

Stop by Kogi’s for Korean fusion tacos or the Ta Bom Truck for classic street fair with a Brazilian twist, to name just a few.

One of our planned painting locations: Venice Beach
We plan to be painting at Venice Beach. A residential and beachfront neighborhood, Venice is known for its colorful Ocean Front Walk, a world famous boardwalk that features performers and vendors. This painting will include some “people watching” and will capture the colorful characters one finds in Venice, CA.

Additionally from beach to forests, to urban settings or hiking trails, to lush gardens to abandoned city lots, there is unlimited diversity of subject matter to select from in and around LA.

We plan to capture as much as we can during our adventure in California.