A Unique Blend of Services

Jane M. Mason

We are committed to solving the world’s problems by helping people be more patient, visual, creative, and constructively critical as we move toward innovative and generous solutions. This is done at Watching Paint Dry by connecting the dots between history, art, problem solving, coaching, discussing, and open-mindedness. Products include online and live art videos, retail products, content development, white papers, coaching subscriptions, video production, and more.

Fine Arts

We present techniques and discussions on watercolor painting, drawing, photography, cinematography, graphic design, and fine art equipment and supplies. Plus, we review the work of others in these fields.

Online Classes

The use of technology has led to great teaching and learning opportunities and Jane will be taking full advantage of these exciting developments. Join us for online classes starting in 2016!

Content Development

As content specialists, we stand ready to create, manage, and publish content in various channels for you. Find out how we can help streamline production while allowing you to focus on your business.

Business Consulting

As award-winning professionals in integrated marketing, PR, and communication, we have helped numerous businesses plan and execute strategies toward accomplishment of their goals.

Service with Flair

Originality is always an important factor whether you're creating a one-of-a-kind work of art or content for your website. Jane's unique history, skills and talents are at your disposal for any creative need you may have.

I have spent years helping artists improve their skills, to see their vision, and then to create it.

These great experiences have burnished a first hand knowledge that the planning and problem solving to conquer a creative problem is the same process as what is needed to conquer business problems. My process has led me to avenues such as business consulting and coaching and teaching where I have excelled!

Visual literacy is about creating meaning from an object or a concept. It is all part of communication. Ultimately we have to convey our meaning about our product and our desired action to create commerce.

If you have a complex problem to solve or stories to be told, you will benefit from creative thinking. It’s as simple as that. Get in touch with me today and let's talk about how we can help you!

Art, Writing, Creating...

Fine Art

Image 1

I see through an artist’s viewfinder. Looking down at a reflection in a puddle or looking up into the canopy of trees, I ponder, what color IS that? Meaning: how would I create that color with watercolor paint?


Content Writing is Key

Image 2

Jane is participating in a press check for the publication of a high end magazine. Jane sent out a press release about a door and discovered it was a hot topic to the press and their audiences.


Direction & Purpose

Image 3

Helping you find the right direction that will make you and your business stronger, Jane M. Mason will work with you to develop and reach your goals. Contact Jane today to get started.