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Why Jane M. Mason is Producing Videos

We believe that everyone is creative. Frequently creativity and the "awe of discovery" is uncoupled from our thinking strategies beginning in childhood and continually reinforced. (For example, who came up with “don’t go outside the lines"—for heavens sake, why not?)

Jane remembers when she was a volunteer at her son’s school in his third-grade classroom. The teacher scolded Jane for allowing a child to doodle, cartoon, and daydream after he had completed his required assignment. She was told, “There is no doodling after second grade." This is a sad statement—and we think it should be drummed out of our thinking.

At Watching Paint Dry LLC we believe that using our hands with tools, and engaging our minds is a PERFECT way to find solutions. In fact, we believe that the problems of the world can be solved through creativity and innovative problem solving—noodling, doodling, sharing cultures, and art.

The “channel" we are taking is to demonstrate creating art and nimble problem solving through watercolor.

We ask you to join us in solving the problems of the world one brushstroke at a time!

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Jane and her crew travel around the country to beautiful remote and popular spots to bring you a first-hand experience of painting in the great outdoors—en plein air—like some other plein air painters and some of the greatest artists you can imagine, such as:
  • William Merritt Chase
  • Childe Hassam
  • Winslow Homer
  • Edward Hopper
  • Henri Matisse
  • Claude Monet
  • Berthe Morisot
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • John Singer Sargent
  • John Henry Twachtman
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • James Abbott McNeill Whistler

We have a variety of videos

Videos available at no charge (free) will be posted on this website or on our YouTube channel at WatchingPaintDryLLC. These include:
  • 1. Mini-demos: Brief demonstrations or discussions of materials or techniques. To help you decide to watch the short video, at the beginning of the video you will be introduced to:
    • What will you learn?
    • What artist is mentioned?
    • What’s the “take away"?
  • 2. Artfull Talks: Interviews with artists and influence leaders in creativity and innovation
  • 3. Complete Painting: Watch Jane M. Mason create a complete painting. She explains her strategies from the beginning and then her “course corrects" throughout the process to help the viewer learn that with watercolor, there is always the unexpected. It is a collaborative process with the paint, paper, brushes, atmosphere, vista, weather, nature (bees, bugs, dogs, etc.), and the artist.
  • 4. Exploring In-Depth: Videos in which Jane or her guests discuss a topic from art history, museum trends, or materials. Often these videos will be accompanied by a White Paper (available for download on this site).

Videos for purchase will be available through this website. To purchase videos, you will register as a member and your purchased products will be available to you here, or if you purchase a DVD, it will be shipped to you. A membership will include special perks such as early announcement of upcoming videos or opportunities to attend a lecture or other special appearance. Seasonal specials will be shared with members, too. Details of membership and pricing is coming soon. The videos available to members will include:
  • 1. All of the no charge videos mentioned above. PLUS:
  • 2. Videos of Lectures: As Jane or her team are presenting lectures, the content may be broken into a section available for no charge, and a section available for a fee, for those with the interest to continue to delve into the topic.
  • 3. Master Painting Videos: Jane is developing videos available for a fee for download or available for purchase as a DVD. These will be similar to the free “Complete Painting" videos, yet will present more in-depth content, more details about specific materials used in the session, and exclusive tips from Jane. Materials to complete the painting, including the paint, brushes and palette, as well as “You Are Here" photo sets, so you get the same point of view on the scene as Jane has, will also be available.

Who will enjoy these classes and videos? Someone who:
  • Craves a moment of peace and reflection.
  • Is one of the hundreds of students who have studied with Jane M. Mason previously.
  • Loves virtual travel to beautiful locales for behind-the-scene insights.
  • Wants to connect with one’s creative spirit.
  • Seeks the intellectual stimulation of new concepts and ideas.
  • Is looking to learn watercolor, painting, or drawing, or wants to learn about fine art techniques.
  • Enjoys watching a master create something new before one’s eyes.
  • Enjoys learning about art history, other cultures, or artists.

Jane and her team have spent countless hours developing the material to share. They are unique experts and leaders in the field, not only in actual art technique and teaching, but also in academic research and presenting. For more information, please contact us: Hello@watchingpaintdry.com

Online Painting Class: Master Painting Class: In 2016 Jane will launch online classes. Students will register for the class, receive “tip sheets" and supply lists for download, and have access to the material and class following the webinar/class date. Details will follow.