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The global commerce, industrial espionage, and innovation behind this extraordinary product: paper. Woven in is a bit of history of moveable type and printing presses.

Goal of this WPD LLC White Paper is to review a brief history of the global entrepreneurship that created the luxurious and sublime paper we have today. For me, a “paperless” society would lack something extraordinary and practical.

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Think Like a Photographer

Phones and cameras have the capability to take great photos. But, that doesn’t mean every photo snapped is great. As an artist, art teacher, and former professional photographer, I have gathered some questions you can ask yourself before heading out on your next photo shoot.

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Wait... What? The Ridiculous Things Your Art Clients May Say or Do

To articulate some of the surprisingly outrageous comments and behaviors by prospects and clients at art shows and in galleries. This paper offers ways to deflect the sting of criticisms and to take the opportunity to educate the uninformed prospect.

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Why Content Marketing is Crucial to Your Business

People are attracted to you by what you learn, your products, your reputation, and your actions. They learn this through content. For example, whether through articles online, blog posts, your website, other social channels, reviews, videos or infographics, and even traditional mass media, direct mail, and more.

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