The team at Watching Paint Dry believes that a form of enlightenment can be discovered through the process of learning to do art and learning about art.

Watching Paint Dry, LLC, is a company focused on art.

We use the teaching of art, art history, and creativity to inspire compassion and attentiveness in individuals of the world. Painting or drawing requires you to be present; to be “in the moment”. Being in the moment helps us to live without grudges and hatefulness; it allows us to appreciate the complexity of nature and the art and cultures of the world. At Watching Paint Dry, we champion critical observation, creative thinking, and the child-like quest for learning. We are an education and learning-based company. And, we have a flair for focusing on positive images, hopeful themes, as well as inspired (and inspiring) thinkers.

The company’s products include instructional videos. By demonstrating painting, the popular videos on YouTube present a process of working toward a successful outcome, no matter what the challenges may be. Primarily created “en plein air” (which means painted outside in the great outdoors,) the videos are taped live with the normal challenges faced by painters, such as wasps, bees, wind, lightning, changing light conditions, bitter cold, insufferable heat, visits by passing dogs, and the rest. Through active narration and sharing our challenges with the viewers, the videos weave problem solving, art techniques and art history with discussions about cultural sensibilities into our discussions of art and learning techniques.Other products are workshops, classes, coaching/critiquing for artists, lectures, and downloadable products.

Syndication of some video episodes from Watching Paint Dry LLC is in negotiation for 2018-19.

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Jane M. Mason,
CEO & Chief Creative Visionary
Watching Paint Dry
7520 W Keeney St
Niles, IL 60714