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A sampling of some of the videos from  Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry, LLC, is a company focused on art.

We offer a variety of videos and video products. We’ve included links to a number of our videos to the right of this text. In addition, below, we have included some “behind the scene” photos of our experiences at our video shoots across the USA.

Many of our videos are posted on our YouTube Channel.

Many of these free videos emphasize technique. Our ‘iPhone” videos are becoming especially popular, so we are currently building up that playlist.

We are developing a “Drawing for Doubters” online class that will be three episodes as an introduction to drawing. This stand-alone product will be available by subscription with access for the next 10 years. It will include video components as well as resources for learning the traditional skill sets for drawing. This course will be good for beginners or those who wish to refresh their skills.

We are also developing a series featuring American watercolorists. In this program, Jane M. Mason will focus on giving some art history to ground the stories in the economic and cultural conditions at the time. She will present some of their iconic artwork and discuss the techniques and thinking behind the creation of the work. Then she will demonstrate the techniques on her own paper to make the style of the artist come alive for the students. Jane is a scholar in the watercolors of John Singer Sargent. She has also spent hundreds of hours studying the painting styles of American watercolorists such as Winslow Homer, Helen Frankenthaler, Georgia O’Keeffe and others.

Anthony Caponi

Jane M. Mason interviews Anthony Caponi, a talented prolific sculptor, a revered educator, a visionary, and environmentalist. The video, “Anthony Caponi. The Artist from Pretare: The Place of Rocks” brings to life Anthony’s childhood in a tiny town in Italy, his immigration to the US when he was 15, and his decades dedicated to bringing art to the world. He not only transformed 60 acres of Minnesota high plains into a park of rolling hills, he also carved the many massive sculptures of stone, granite, bronze, wood, and steel, on the site. The video is available for download and purchase on Amazon.

Three snippets from the video are available here and on our YouTube Channel. And you can also link to the full video available for rent or purchase on Amazon.

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