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American Craftsman: Ray Scholin on How to Build Winsor Chairs and Braid Rugs

In this interview with Ray Scholin, Jane M. Mason learns how Ray got interested in creating hand-made rugs. He describes the process and demonstrates how to create a rug. He also describes a second avocation and passion, making hand-made traditional American chairs in a Shaker or Windsor style. Ray describes how he bought an interest in a sawmill so he could drop off the lumber from his property to have it planed for his projects. Ray’s charming personality, his kind disposition, his ingenuity and creativity come through in this interview conducted in 2016.

Ray gently passed away in April of 2018 with his family by his side. This video is a tribute to the kind, generous, devoted husband and family man that he was. And in addition, it celebrates his curiosity and tenacity in being a “maker” of traditional fine crafts.

In the video Ray refers to a “schnitzelbank” he uses for shaving or planing excess wood off a chair blank to form the seat. In German, to “schnitzel” the verb means to shave/ plane.

From this link, we learned that: “it is used by wheelwrights, shingle makers, and chair makers… It is a bench on which the worker sits with an adjustable jaw that holds the work fast as it is being shaped”.

The crew at Watching Paint Dry had a grand afternoon with Ray as he shared his stories, talents and his workshop with us.

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