FREE Online Beginning Watercolor Lesson

watercolor painting of birch trees with green forest and yellow flowers in the background.
My watercolor painting of spring coming to the trees “Up North” in Minnesota. This is similar to the painting we will be creating in this FREE online lesson! The trees are “masked” with masking tape and then we sponge and paint the background OVER the trees. I’ll show you! It’s easy. Sign up below.

Good news!

I’m teaching a FREE online beginning watercolor class on Thurs, April 16 at  3pm ET/ 2pm CT./12pm PST

We will be working on wet-on-wet techniques, sponging and masking. You can watch or participate.

45 min.

Age 10 through adult.

Sign up at this link. Select MY CLASS: Beginning Watercolor, 4/16.

watercolor painting with masking tape on the surface blocking out some of the paint
One of my watercolor paintings showing masking. This is similar to the painting we will be creating.

Here’s the scoop on this FREE LESSON:

Watercolor for Beginners

Easy Way to Watercolor a Forest Scene

Using techniques of spatter, wet on wet, and masking, we’ll create a magical view of light coming through a forest. It’s loose and very “watercolor-y.” It’s fun!

You can learn from my demonstration, or you can participate. If you participate, you will need:

  1. Watercolor paint. Inexpensive paint like Crayola will work. The better quality the paint, the more vibrant your painting will be.
  2. Watercolor paint brush. I prefer you use one with a brush head about the size of an almond. But most any brush will do.
  3. Small piece of a new kitchen sponge. 1 ½” by 1 ½”. No sponge? A piece of paper towel will do.
  4. 9” x 6” or larger paper, heavier than bond paper (the paper that goes in a printer). If you have watercolor paper, use 140#. Multi-media paper for drawing with markers works. Or, even a manila file folder works for this.
  5. A cup or vessel for about 2 cups of water. Pick something you’re NOT going to use for food after this project. A clean large yoghurt tub or a soup can will do.
  6. Masking tape, painters’ tape, or artist tape, preferably 1” wide. (Scotch tape or packing tape WON’T work.)
  7. A couple of old clean rags to blot your brush. Note: the paint might stain these cloths.
  8. I’ll use a hair drier to speed things up. You may too, but it is not required.

Ages: 10 through adult. Taught in English.

45 min.

Thursday, April 16. 12PM PST/2pm CT

See you Thursday!