Production Partner

Production Partner – Watching Paint Dry Works with GTM Pictures, LA to Create Videos.

GTM Pictures is a full-service production company based in Los Angeles, with the purpose to inspire and serve the independent filmmaking market. The company allows like-minded people to realize their creative aspirations by offering a full suite of production services such as commercial production, music video production, wedding videography and red carpet or other live event recording.

The production company is comprised of professionals that pride themselves on their ability to effectively collaborate in order to create innovative ideas and bring them to reality. The diverse and varying backgrounds of each member of the GTM Team lend themselves to the overall breadth and knowledge of different industries in which our clients operate. This allows them to better service their clients’ needs with a deeper and more personal understanding. GTM Pictures partners with agencies and individuals, and sometimes other production companies in order to produce and develop a unique experience for the client to reach their market.

Graham T Mason shooting photograms from a car with a pink sunset behind him.

A video shot by Director of Photography, Graham Mason, on Hans Zimmer as he talks with other composers about the Spitfire Audio Library. Zimmer is a renown composer and has composed the musical scores for over 150 films including Inception, Lion King and Gladiator.

A video shot by GTM Pictures for The UPS Store and its entry into the 2018 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. The theme focused on literarcy.

A video of a Red Carpet World Premiere shot for Dolby Studios by GTM Pictures for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”